Awaken humanness and manifest divinity

Indroneil believes that being born human is not enough to be a human. It needs one to become aware and awaken humanness within. Today, every expression of his, his very existence is dedicated to serve the cause of awakening of this humanness. To him, if it does not awaken humanness and manifest divinity, it’s not needed. Thus, his blogs, his talks, his engagements, his conversations and even the soulful music that he plays on his customized guitar – Indra Veena – almost invariably is guided by his sense of purpose.


His vision is to see the world transform into a space for conscious co-existence and his mission remains to enable this through the magical process of Transformational Coaching and Enablement of which, he remains a wizard.

Space for Conscious Evolution

Recently there has been a lot of awareness of the ecology around us. . I get to see and hear many of us being genuinely concerned about endangered flora and fauna around us.


What bothers me, however, is that not too many of us even bother to consider human kind as being a significant element of the evolving ecology, leave alone being concerned about its possible endangerment and extinction.


The industrial environment most of us are exposed to, most business organizations are yet to do much to allay the feeling of hollowness and fear that most of their associates get in touch with, deep down, sometimes, in their being ‘human’.

To top it all are the overall environmental pollutants like eroded values and all-pervasive endemic diseases like corruption and crime.


As a response to a certain calling, I feel being drawn to making happen a space for Conscious Evolution, an enabling space in the physical and other realms for individuals to move forward in their journey of Conscious Evolution.


So’HaM is a response to this calling.


So’HaM in Sanskrit means, That I Am.

So’HaM has been envisaged as a kind of school, a sanctuary for those who have embarked or are getting ready to embark on their journey of human evolution, consciously.


Pre-human evolution was taken care of by nature. However, in our habitual obsession with our rational intelligence and belief that we can ‘do’ what ‘we’ want, we have not only insulated ourselves from the all-pervasive evolutionary dynamics of the Existence, we also seem to have divorced ourselves from the roots of our ‘being’ in the Nature.