Love and Conscious Evolution

Love and Conscious Evolution


We all know how it feels when we fall in love. And then when we want this feeling to be re-created, we want to fall in love, again and again. As if, the trigger to awakening of the love within is outside of us.

To me, falling in love, is a reminder of the fact that I am Love. The substance that I am made of. The proof that it is here (not there). Now (not then). To me, it is about discovering the incessant well-spring of life, our nourishment – that lies deeply embedded in our being. Or is it The Being, itself.

The fleeting feeling of transcendence, of unity, of surrender and of permanence of our ego brought about by an event of “falling in love” is perhaps an element of the Universal design to remind us that we are love. You are love, I am love and the very existence is Love.

The difference between the traveller (one who is journeying towards evolution) and the indolent seeker (one who is stuck in ones own quagmire of illusory realities) is that the events of “falling in love”, in case of the former quickly comes as a wake up call to the realization – ‘It exists. In me. Uncaused. Unborn. Undying.” And in the case of the latter it becomes a search, a seeking, an inquiry: “Where is it coming from?”, “Who / what is the source?” and “Do I find it in him or Him”? etc. etc.

Either way, their is hope. The traveler reaches sooner. Transcending from falling in love to being in Love. The seeker keeps questioning and seeking till he realizes that the seeker is The Sought.

And some of the seekers may, again by some Universal design, remain stuck and perish.

None the less, if we were to ask ourselves, what is the most significant sign post to Conscious Evolution … well don’t you all feel it is Love?

Love that is silly, stupid and strange? Love that is sacred, mystic and awesome? Love, that is un-caused and eternal?

I have a bias. I am an agnostic. My faith is Love. What about you? Is your God love?Or is Love your God? Or, is Love godliness?

  • Krishnan
    Posted at 17:36h, 29 January Reply

    Well written. But to me its all words. Unless i KNOW, i dont know. I see the finger pointing to the moon and i know its not the moon. But for now, the finger is all i see 🙂

  • Indraneel
    Posted at 21:26h, 29 January Reply

    You cannot know… for you are the Knowing….

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