Welcome !!!

Welcome !!!

I am delighted to see kindred souls joining us to participate and contribute to this forum.

Someone asked me in a workshop the other day, “What is the next stage of human evolution”.

I said, “I am not sure if there is a defined stage we are moving towards.”

“However, I suspect, there is a certain state that we could be visting often, in this journey. It is a state of transcension of thoughts. A state of being a witness of one’s thoughts”

“Which, to me, does not mean being ‘thought-less’. Instead, it means moving from being thought-led to leading ones thoughts, consciously.”

Yes, my friends, it is about thought-leadership.

So let’s imprint this blog with our exceptional moments of thought-leadership.



  • Forgetful God
    Posted at 12:17h, 22 November Reply

    This is an interesting site so I thought I’d leave a little “note” for you…I do agree with you that humanity is moving towards something…I do not believe it has anything to do with thought because thought and doubt are essentially the same thing. “If you’re thinking about it, you’re doubting you already know it”. I do, however, believe that this state of Being is already open to us…as jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is near”…this was true then and will always be true because “heaven” is a perception of reality…essentially, heaven is complete connection to “yourself”…no doubt or fear and ultimate responsibility.
    I think you might find some of the material (if not all) on my blog quite interesting as it is entirely devoted to this perception. Leave any comments you would like, I always like to hear from reflections of myself. 😉


    A Forgetful God

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