Love needs no relationships

Love needs no relationships

In the journey of life there are many experiences that one goes through. If we look back, we realize that they were all teachers to help us take this journey forward more meaningfully and joyfully…

I have gone through one ‘such’ experience not very long ago. When in my toughest time, which brought mortal fear right in my face. All the people who knew me somewhat, and did not have much liking to me stood by me like pillars.

What was it? I often question myself. Why did an almost stranger appeared out of no-where and took charge of the situation and of me too?

It was happening as if it was scripted and planned by some force that I don’t see or recognize. There was something, that had brought all those who were mere social aquaintances and even those who were not in my circle of concern or influence, together. To be with me, not just physically but with all their love, care and concern.

I feel an unseen bond with all of them, with whom I dont have any relationship.
Today they are my family, my next of kin and I somewhere deep down know, no matter what situation arises, love will always prevail…

No matter how tough the tests of life become, they will only prove and re-prove that love prevails and it needs no boundaries, no relationships and no commitments…

As Indraneel says,

“Love cannot be shown, it can be seen though. By the witness…”

  • Debyani
    Posted at 11:38h, 29 August Reply

    The situation is too “Idealistic”…it happens but once in a blue moon…

  • Indraneel
    Posted at 13:39h, 29 August Reply

    What do you think brought you to this blog? What relationship? 🙂

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