The God of Constant Evolution

The God of Constant Evolution

Hi All,

This is my first posting and I wish to introduce myself as a true reader and an abstract writer.

This is me… I was a sperm that fought to be the first while pushing away the rest. Little did I know where I was heading, just to fertilize an ovum and then evolve into a foetus.

There was nothing that inspired me to do that I just did it as I felt I was the strongest. Who gave me this power? Where did I come from? My origin was not known to me. All I knew was I have to keep moving ahead so I will not be destroyed. There were millions with me but I won that race.

As a foetus in my mother’s womb I had more to struggle than I thought. I had no realization of who I was becoming but I kept growing bigger. My growth started constricting me and so I started kicking around…There, then I was struggling to break out of that shell.

I never could imagine there would be such a wide world outside waiting to welcome me, “to be one of them”. It took months together before I realized that I had to accept the others as I was born out of them, they were my kin and kith and they all shared something they called “Love”.

And so this journey went on until a day when I realized I was no more a child. I could not play around in leisure as I had to be ‘responsible for my acts’… And so I also realized that I had to make something called ‘decisions’ for everything I did.

“Oh God” I thought, “if this was how much I had to struggle…Why did I choose to be born? I should have given up the race when with everyone else I ran. What happens after this? Where am I heading to? Am I still in a race or is this the Part 2?”

Oh God of Constant Evolution! Did you at all plan the end? And Lo we’ve all been evolving towards no definite end. Yes…Changes are constant. There can be no such thing in this world that has not changed.

Evolution is nothing but a change…A gradual change mentored by time.

“That which is born out of itself…That which will never end…Is the God of Constant Evolution…The journey simply never ends”


Sowmya Raghavan

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