For those of us who are salaried, have you ever wondered that the pay check you get at the end of the month is called ‘compensation’.

Have you ever thought, who is compensating? For what? What is the damage?

Let us script our musing (not theories and proxy-wisdoem, please) in this space on this pheonmenon of being ‘compensated’ year after year.

I leave with something that I found my friend having said:

“Man becomes a slave because he is afraid to be alone
So he needs a crowd, a society, an organization
Fear is the basis of all institution
And how can a frightened mind know the truth”


  • soumya
    Posted at 16:26h, 06 November Reply

    well… to illustrate this further… am adding another dimension…the other day i was talking to a fairly senior guy working with one of the computing giant. i was asking him why did they go through the trouble of recruiting the best of brain from the IITs and the “B” school if they have to transform them into mediocre people who just cannot think for themselves. he said that he will be very interested in what the HR department have to say on this.

    i guess the compensation has 2 component. one is to turn ourselves into mediocre individuals who becomes a clog in the wheel where its like being in the assembly line and doing a bit in the bigger picture. this is typical in larger corporates like the MNCs etc… where we are governed by policies and things should be… lose your individuality and be a part of the pack.

    the second part is typical in smaller organisations where an individual is given a canvas where he creates an impression and create a beautiful mural.

    i salute the latter… and have been fortunate to be a part of it.

    in that respect i feel that i am compensated fairly and compensated well.


  • Krishnan
    Posted at 17:29h, 29 January Reply

    I’ve often wondered why i dont like the work i do. I recently read something somewhere ( 🙂 )which helped me realize that it was because i am not a ‘whole’ person at work. An aspect of myself, probably the spiritual side, is totally blocked in most corporate offices. And i work in a company whici has a fantastic work culture…Anwyays, there is no answer which anyone can tell me. I need to Know for myself

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