There is no Nirvana

There is no Nirvana

I am back on the blog after an eight month long ‘hibernation’.
So’Ham has been happening, neverthless. It has nothing to do with our sleeping or awakening. It is the process, the Tao of things.
I have been and still am hearing a lot of words – idealism, self-actualization, nirvana etc. etc.

To my un-read un-bred self these words do not have any meaning. Neither, therefore, are any questions simmering in me.

The mind ask questions and has no answers. Love has no question and is the answer.

I see a lot of resistance. Within ones own self. Between fragmented conceptual personas of ours.

The clarion call is however to bring these pieces together and experience the bliss of being whole. Being complete. Right here. Right now.
By dropping our obsession to ‘do’ something about it. After all, what can we ‘do’ to bring together what is already together. Our random thoughts and the habitual need to act upon something has created these illusory concepts about ourselves and the enviornment in which we exist.

There is no ‘stage’. There is no where to go. It’s all here. Waiting to be experienced. If and only if we choose to surrender to our wholeness, our completeness.

“Life is an eternal pilgrimage. There is no goal to it. it is a pure journey. Hence the joy of it. Life knows nothing of full stops. Life is a continuum, a song that never ends, a story that goes on unfolding. Each moment something new is ready to happen if you are available …..”Osho

May I once again remind that this space is for sharing our experiences. And the discoveries we make, the insights we gather. Let’s try and avoid intellectualizing. It takes us no where.

  • contraddict
    Posted at 18:12h, 31 August Reply

    then take us to experiencing words 🙂

  • Amihtaf
    Posted at 23:15h, 02 January Reply

    You have awakened the energy my friend…Now enjoy the play 🙂

    Noor Fathima

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