A call of compassion

A call of compassion

Most of us, most often, have been conditioned to believe that we are powerless and helpless. No wonder, in face of calamities, the impulsive behavior we get to see is of helpless anger and withdrawal. We also conveniently believe that the source of power lies outside us. In the positions we hold, in the assets we own, in the money we make and status we enjoy. And therefore frantically cling on to these illusive ‘power points’ in hope of survival.

In the current context, however, if we look around at what is happening around us, it will be evident that the existence of all that we are deriving power from is being threatened – the money that buys us comfort, the workplaces that promises our position, the social security, the energy that powers our devices, the fuel that runs our vehicle.

Have you ever thought what could be the scheme of things? Where are we being led to?

Could it be that the humanistic system is calling upon us to discover and anchor ourselves in the infinite source of The Power Within? Something that we have been blissfully unaware of and postponing the discovery for a long time?

Could it be that in the coming years, which according to some is as close as 2012, we shall have nothing in the external to live upon and that in order to survive we shall be required to create our own realties by consciously investing in our innate life-giving forces, our potentials, which incidentally, are much more than what has been realized?

Could it be that because we, as human beings, have not exercised the choice that was given to us to evolve consciously, we are being confronted with threats of extinction?

Well, the choice to perish or preserve our being lies with us. Unlike most other natural beings, Nature is not going to take care of our evolution. We are privileged to have been endowed with the power to self-transform and the choice to do so. And those who do, shall evolve (and therefore survive). Those who are working towards surviving somehow shall not.

Here’s a call to those who sense the urgency and wish to take the first step towards creating their own reality and set out on a journey of conscious evolution, without any further postponement.

A call to wake up from the dream of being awake and re-claim the innate power that we are born with. As humans.

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