Lest I get to Him

Lest I get to Him

Was looking for him for many ages
Through many paths, many stages
Many doors knocked
Worshipped my sages
Many rituals and rites performed
Many books and scriptures adorned
Was looking for him everywhere
In all my acts, in all my crazes
Till one day I reached his doorstep
Had glimpsed him earlier sometimes
Somewhere far away near the stars
And by the time I could go there
He was not near anywhere
But today finally I have reached his doorstep
Even the sign shows his name
Excited and joyous having reached my destination
Took in my hand to knock the chain
Was about to tap the door
When suddenly was overcome by a fear
What will happen
If the door opens and
And he comes near
What will I be left with to do
What will I left with to pursue
What goals and objectives will lead me now
What pre-occupation and passion will drive me now
If I get him
There won’t be any more
Any journey, any sojourn
No destination, nothing to earn
Trembling with fear
I released the chain, softly
Lest the knock makes him open the door
Took off my shoes to
Gently tip-toe down the stairs
Lest that the sound of my footsteps
Are heard
I ran with all my might
Away till I was out of sight
Never daring to look back
At what could have been the end of my fight

You will find me looking for his house everywhere
In different places – dark and fair
Though I know where it is
I still ask for his address
Though I know it full well
I still look for him, the place of his dwell
Far far away, sometime, somewhere
I glimpse his awesome presence –
And I am sure he would have left
Till I could manage to reach him there
So I continue to look for him everywhere
Except the place where he lives
I never ever go close to his dwelling
My pathways now designed
To keep me away from straying

Lest I get to Him.

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