Transformation and its enablers are not valued

Transformation and its enablers are not valued

Did you know that the root of measure, meter and ‘maya’ is the same?

Transform to transcend. The limits of measure, the illusion of value proposition, which we make so much of noise about.   

Through history neither human transformation nor its enablers have been valued in the true sense.  No wonder, even after having lived with him, a disciple sold his master’s life for only 30 pieces of silver. No wonder, even after being a father to a prodigious reformer, he could value his son to be only capable of tending cattle.

A more suave and clever way adopted today by many to denigrate enablers of human transformation is by getting them publicly upheld, garlanded and showered with accolades and awards in a pompous ceremony and the very next moment receding to the familiar smallness, often calling these enablers difficult and irrational. A painfully schizoid behavior akin to what we get to see amongst those who attend religious congregations.

 Whether it is through outright blasphemy or through indirect show of pseudo respect, the world at large seems to be in a state of organized callousness to dis-regard and dis-respect human transformation and its enablers.


What is not understood by us is that our practices of credential based valuing will not hold good for such masters. The only way we can truly value these enablers and masters can be is by embracing and evangelizing transformation – transformation of the planet and its people. 

Why is it that human transformation, its process and its enablers are not valued? Why is it not readily embraced?

Most people are limited in their understanding and appreciation of transactional value only and cannot perceive transformational value.  They are obsessed with measuring value proposition as promised by the transient and terminal physical reality and are not at all tuned to experiencing the immeasurable awe and wonder of the process of transformation.

The flower’s fragrance and beauty cannot be measured nor can the breath taking melody of birds singing. Similarly in the matrix driven reality the transformational shifts made can’t be measured, even though the ultimate impact can be miraculous.

How can human transformation, its process and its prophets be valued?

When we announce a transformational program like The Power Within, the trend today is, while on the one-hand people cognitively appreciate the promise, they succumb to the illusion of the transactional reality being of reckon-able valuable. The common excuses are

  • I cannot spare so many days. I have important commitments (in reality captivity) to honor.
  • I am not in a position to pay. I have many responsibilities to carry (by some unknown self-imposed covenance) towards myself and my family.
  • Time has not come (and ‘the time’ will never come).

Whatever the language is, the message it tends to convey is that I am supposed to continue to be a slave to this transactional world of measurement and ‘maya’. I need to continue to make others happy with the measurable value my limited physicality has to offer and not by the miracles I can create with my transformed being.

Yes, it is true that a transformed being may not have tangible, visible measureable parameters cropping up to show the difference that they can make. However, in the process of transformation the impact he or she can create is not explainable or measurable by the laws of economy.

For example, if Shyam doubles his income within one month of completing his transformational coaching, there is no economical formulae which can link the two. If Ranjan comes across by, what he calls as serendipity, prospective investors for his new venture and makes magical closures of investment happen within few weeks of completing his transformational coaching engagement, he will continue to talk about it as serendipity as there aren’t any laid down strategies that link human transformation to success.

Transformation is about magic, about mystery. It is not about measures.

All the yard sticks of measures available to the small egoic mind are restricted to the linearity of logic as prevails in the world of known. And transformation is transcendence from the known to the unknown.  


So, the only way one can value human transformation, its process and its prophets is by accepting the call of transformation, with humility, and going through the process to create magical value in the contexts of one’s existence.

Just as a seed is not meant to die as a seed or a chrysalis meant to wither, so is a human not meant to survive as a glorified slave but transform to a higher form of existence.

This is in line with the fundamental principle of existence – the Law, the Tao, the dhamma.  We can never understand it. However, we can choose to resist and get terminated or respond to the principle and transform. To create phenomenal value for ourselves, the enablers of human transformation and the eco-system we belong to.

“The inner growth is very still and very silent. You are growing, and even you cannot be aware of it unless something totally new happens and makes you aware that you have reached some space that was unknown to you. And that can happen any moment. 

On your part great patience is needed, and a trust that the whole existence is in support of all those who are trying to grow spiritually.

It is not you who is trying to grow spiritually; it is existence who, through you, is trying to reach to its utmost heights.”  

~ Osho

  • Raja Ananthakrishnan
    Posted at 16:26h, 07 December Reply

    I can fully comply with this. Let me share one of my recent experiences when I approached a leading IT company here ranked one among the topmost companies in India.

    I had a discussion with the Training Director and gave a proposal to offer a Transformational programme. He told me the following words.

    "1. We don't want our employees to get such a soulful training as

  • Komal Rishabh
    Posted at 10:55h, 08 December Reply

    And there goes the story of human "resource" or "capital" …

    Don't worry Raja. Amidst all the carnage, the lotus still blooms.

    Let's be true to our lotus-ness.


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