Step out or get evicted … you really don’t have a choice !!!

Step out or get evicted … you really don’t have a choice !!!

Ever since I have had a glimpse of my Home – the space where I came from and the space that I belong to – I have been, out of sheer joy and wonder, creating spaces for individuals to experience the bliss of Homing in. The idea is that while we all physically stay in this colorful world of play, we don’t carry it in our minds. Instead we get in touch with a longing for the Home that we have all come from and for once turn around to look in that direction.
Very often when such spaces (public programs) are announced and individuals are invited to come and experience the space, I feel amused to see so many of them blatantly procrastinate, wanting us to believe something that, in the heart of hearts, they also don’t. The familiar politically-correct excuses so often so many of them resort to, sound something like “Not this time. May be the next time”, or “I wish I could. Had I not made a commitment to …” or even “It’s a wonderful program. I wish I had the time / money to afford it”.
We know and deep inside they also know they shall never make it. They don’t want to. My promise to show them the truth, comes to them as a threat. A threat of being evicted from the wayside inn where they have settled down and made their homes in.

The story goes something like this.
One stormy night, when you were on your way to the Home, feeling scared and lonely, you decided to stop over for the night in a wayside inn. It was a great relief to find warm dinner, a cozy bed and most importantly shelter from the inclement climate. You woke up in the morning and found a wonderful sensual landscape around you. The breakfast spread was also pampering. The voice of Thomas Jefferson echoed in you and egged you to extend your stay in pursuit of happiness. After all, isn’t that a fundamental right of yours? You extended your stay one day at a time till suddenly you found yourself having made a home out there. You even started involving yourself in the affairs of the inn. You were involved in housekeeping, guest relations, F&B and even wanted to keep an eye on the P&L. No one wanted you to do all this. But you wanted to seek relevance, to justify your extended stay. You got busy in what you called your ‘responsibility’, knowing deep inside that you were redundant. You started collecting items to enhance your creature comfort and before long, the clutter left hardly any space for you to move even.

Many a times there were door knocks announcing calls from your Home. You either ignored them or pleaded being busy. You never procrastinated the call of greed or desire: you never held back your anger or need to lech or indulge; your blaming someone or being one-up. You never postponed anything that brought instant gratification to you and yet you kept on summarily ignoring and rejecting the calls from Home. You have been feeling guilty and to pacify your sense of guilt you have been visiting God-men and showing allegiance to them by taking memberships of their cult. You are ashamed of your ignorance and indulgence and to let the world not know about it, you have been frequenting workshops peddling esoteric tools, tips and techniques for ‘spiritual growth’. You have done and are doing everything to make sure you are not dislodged from this pseudo home of yours that you have created in ‘pursuit of happiness’.

My promise to co-travel with you Homewards comes across to you as a mortal threat. I can see through your designs and have no need to pull you out of the inn where you have made yourself comfortable. That’s is not what I am here for.

Your eviction any which way is inevitable. It’s inevitable for two reasons:   (1) You are encroaching upon a space that neither you belong to nor belongs to you. Actually, it belongs to none. It is an illusion of belonging pulled over your eyes to help you avoid the sufferings beyond which lies hidden the signposts to the way to your Home and (2) This life of being human that you were gifted with was not meant to be an end in itself but an opportunity for you to keep looking and not settle in till you find your way back to Home.

So, the first principles of existence will make sure that you are dislodged, you are evicted. It’s already too late. There is not enough time. And the choice lies with you – either to voluntary step out and resume the journey of a voyager or be thrown out in the open to find yourself threatened with extinction.

Be love, be alive.  

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