I lead you from being Serviced to being a Servant

I lead you from being Serviced to being a Servant

In my walking along with you as a coach, mentor or just a guide I am doing no favor to you.

It is an act of Commitment, an act of service to the Unity of Man. It is living my Service Level Commitment (SLC) to myself through a relationship of servitude and not just delivering to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) through some transactions. It is the outcome of a shift from being Serviced to being a Servant. To the God-self. In you and in me. And in the Unity of you and me.

When you fall and break, licking the dust, I hold you up to see the possibility of your spirit breaking free.  Breaking free the life force to sprout into a flowering tree. And in your sprouting and breaking free do I release my shackled me.

When you are sad and break into tears, I collect them in my palm to help you see in each drop the Sea. And in your beholding this Sea do I manifest the Ocean in me.

When you defy the Law, you deny my existence. When you denigrate your dream, you deprive me of my journey. In your despondency, my Intent awakens. And in the awakening of my Intent, you reach out to your Destiny.

When you feel rejected, I uphold your Being, which is not your mind-body that can be accepted or rejected. And in upholding your Being, the triune of Supreme Consciousness, the Understanding and the Spirit of Existence makes itself manifest.

In being of service, I lead you from being Serviced to being a Servant. And in so being, you finally begin to Live. You finally begin to Love.

This is no excerpt from an inspirational self-help book. This is an act of authentic self-disclosure to all those who I am accompanying and have accompanied as a mentor, coach and guide. It is also an invitation to those who are waiting to cross over, on the edge of the Cliff of Existence. On the one side of which is Extinction and on the other, Evolution. It’s an invitation to them, to make a move and in doing so, join the never ending Celebration of Being the Man.  

Come to me. I am waiting for you. For in walking together through the duality of You and Me, shall you transform to realize the Unity. 

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