Man of action

Man of action

It was the autumn of 2009. I was facilitating a 3-day session of The Power Within for a group of CXOs and entrepreneurs at a nearby resort. Participants had come in with their bags and baggages, to stay there for those three days,in quest of their real world, locking out the unreal. No one was in a hurry to react to the call of duty. A sense of freedom and stillness prevailed.

The Man of Action

I was in my usual contented self, centered and surrendered to the Tao of unfolding. I had no need to ‘do’ anything as the group gradually morphed in a space of collective awareness that was being consciously held by me. As we re-assembled  after lunch on day-one, Anish one of the participants, an ops head with an MNC BPO quipped, “What is Indroneil doing here? Do we need him at all?” I had no verbal response. Just smiled amused, while others chuckled at this quip and then carried on with their exploration. At the end of the the third day, as the participants were sharing their experience of The Power Within, this same ops head announced unequivocally, “I have found my master … within”.

Tears of wonder and gratitude rolled down my cheeks. It was humbling to witness the blossoming of six human souls. As an enabler there was little that I did but accept and acknowledge my presence as an instrument of Universal grace that got channeled through me to touch lives of those in the group. At the end of the program, even after working for almost 12 hours each day, with very little sleep in the nights I was full of youthful energy and zest. Like every time I was ready to get into another lab, another intense experience of human awakening. Because there was no doing, no fretting, no sweating. No task to be completed, no goal to be achieved. No mask to be donned, no loss to be retrieved.
I had no need to prove my relevance. To myself or to others. No fear of my existence being questioned. No aspiration of being approved.

It’s been like this now for more than a decade now. Watch meaningless, transient activities going on, on the merry go round of tireless time, from the center. Sometimes go out to fetch lost souls hovering around watering holes of make-believe organizations from the circumference of futile slavery to the axis of responsible action for them to awaken and blossom. Leaving no footprints on the radial path for others to try and trace.

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