Indroneil – A Human Alchemist

Indroneil – A Human Alchemist

How can you promise the fruit of your enterprise unless you know the seed of your existence? And how can you know the seed unless you are living life as an integrated whole? And how can you be an integrated whole unless you get in touch with and acknowledge your uniqueness – that immutable truth that you and everything about you is incomparable, unprecedented and only one of its kinds?


Well, this is not another spiritual inquiry meaning to make you look for God. It is an existential inquiry for every individual no matter what she does for her living and livelihood, meant to make her sprout, blossom, fruition, ripen and create value and thus make her more alive and more prosperous in her endeavors.

You could be an industrialist or a small trader, a CXO or an entry level executive, a business man or an entrepreneur, an artist or a professional, employed or self-employed or even unemployed, or may be another ‘enabler’ – no matter who you are and what you do, there are only two ways of living a life without regrets

  • Get stuck and keep getting stuck, till you find a solution which is not a fix getting you out of it, but a liberating pathway to sustained well-being or
  • Get to know the path, right here, right now and walk it effortlessly, with Joy and Abundance being the your companions all the way.

Whichever way you chose you have help at hand. You have Indroneil as a eclectic enabler of transformation for all that is human and humanistic, to walk the path with you, not as a path finder or guide showing you directions (for, at every juncture you choose your own path) but as a companion who makes your journey magical and transformational. An alchemist who gives you back yourself transformed to the best and the richest of who you can be. In the process, making the vehicle of your journey – your occupation – also successful and sustained.

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