De-mystifying Intent

De-mystifying Intent

About three years back, a protege of mine, came to me to declare with a sense of joy and pride that she had finally manifested her intent to be rich and famous. She announced with much elan that she had landed herself an envious assignment with a consulting major which would be taking her places (which also meant away from the miseries she was going through at that point in time) and will get her a fee which was more than ten times (in dollars) of what she could earn otherwise in India. To my astonishment, instead of feeling elated, I sensed a tinge of sadness in me. I don’t know why. Infected by her enthusiasm and hoping and praying for the best to happen in her life, I held back my feelings and left her with my good wishes.

We weren’t in touch for a long time until we bumped into each other a few months back. It took me some time to recognize her. Her attractive eloquent eyes were sunken and had dark circles around. The characteristic glow on her face had given way to a sickening pallor. The near-hour-glass shape she used to flaunt once had turned into that of a barrel. I instantly knew something was wrong. With concern, I whispered into her ears as I held her in an affectionate hug, “Good to see the prodigal return.” And that was enough for the dam to break. In tears she described how her life was in a complete mess. Her relationship with her ‘significant other’ got screwed up so badly that she had to leave her home and family. She had landed in a legal battle with her partner which was draining money from her coffers like a receding tide. She had no one to turn to as her ‘friends’ and ‘family’ had distanced themselves. She was a complete wreck – socially, economically.

I instantly knew how it could have all happened. A pathological philomath she would be seen attending almost every other training program which had to do with ways of becoming rich and famous, quickly. She had also attended a rather expensive session on The Law of Attraction and The Secret and felt she had the answer. Inspired by the law, and driven by her greed, she did everything to manifest her desire, only to lose all of that and much more, coping with unfortunate events that had to come in her life to balance out the disharmony she caused for herself by manifesting something that had distracted her from her purpose of life. Yes, The Law of Attraction had become a Law of Distraction.  Savita (name changed) is not the only one to have been a victim of ‘the law of distraction’ and glorified greed mistaken for intent. There are many. Thanks to indiscriminate dissemination of mystical knowledge (which is called ‘guru-mukhi-vidya’ in India) and unguided practice of the same.     

Intent is a single-minded, self-affirmative and purposeful thought, directed towards
achieving a specific outcome, which galvanizes all energies and garners all support, magically, towards fulfillment.
The three words that qualify Intent and differentiate it from a greed-led egoic desire are:

  1. single-minded – it’s not another passing wish, 
  2. self-affirmative – it’s not a fear-led sponsoring thought and, most importantly,
  3. purposeful – it’s fulfillment justifies the very reason for the intendor’s existence and contributes to the fulfillment of the Universal intent

The outcome that the power of pure intent drives is not conceivable by the logical mind. It is incredulous and exemplifies the power of divinity, dormant within.

In the above unfortunate instance and many such, where utmost misery has followed a flash of success, though there is lot of power and specificity packed in the thought, it is quite likely that the thought did not arise out of a inner sense of purpose. Most often than not, logical outcomes are envisaged and manifested outside-in, more out of desperation and a need or greed to get out of where one is. Leading to a temporary mirage of fulfillment, followed by mysteriously painful experiences.

So, what could be the reason for such painful experiences? How come they get manifested even if one has not consciously thought about them? 

To understand this mystery, one needs to have faith in the Cosmic Principle always working towards guiding us away from the path of perishment towards the path of purpose. The Existence is always re-organizing itself to make corrections and restore harmony systemically, even if it means causing hurt and pain, locally. Like a stone that, by coming in the way to cause hurt and pain, helps us to change our course of journey, so does a seemingly unfortunate event. Blessings in disguise, they are meant to bring us back in touch with our purpose of existence, thereby allowing Existence to fulfill its own purpose.

Misfortune often also serves as a catalyst to igniting of our intent. Real-life stories like that of ABCL and Mr. Amitabh Bachhan are testimonies of that.

Now, how do you think now that works? Feel free to leave your responses behind, if this speaks to you and if you intend to make a miracle happen in your life, without the risk of being hit by misery.

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