An appeal to all teachers

An appeal to all teachers

On this day, Teachers Day, I remember fondly all those godly souls who shaped me the way I am and my heart fills up with gratitude for their selfless service.

I am also concerned and pained to see what is happening all around and would like to remind all dear teachers today to:

  1. Dedicate themselves to this noble profession by choice, not by chance
  2. Refrain from telling students to stop talking. They have stopped speaking in job interviews too.  
  3. Enable students to listen more for personal growth just like speaking helps them in social growth.
  4. Ask students to be themselves, not just behave themselves.
  5. Show them the God within, not in the sky.
  6. Uphold their divinity when they challenge your smallness.
  7. Be ruthless with your compassion. They need to stay awake.
  8. Remember each student is a specially chosen inhabitant of this planet and there is no reason to favor one above the other.
  9. Educate them so that they learn to learn. From life, with humility.
  10. Mould the clay of human promise with care, lest it carries cracks and contaminants for ever.

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