Will this alone make any difference to the crime and punishment scenario?

Will this alone make any difference to the crime and punishment scenario?

Law has taken it own course of crime and punishment. For some of the cases that are reported. Case unreported would be at least three to four time more which do not even qualify for legal action.

There are questions that arise. Has capital punishment (or any punishment which is severe enough to send a message across) brought in any transformation amongst criminals? Have crimes of anger, sex, greed and violence reduced by any significant extent? Is it enough to pronounce death sentences to show the world what could be the outcome of heinous and beastly behavior? As an aftermath?

I doubt if there is any initiative (leave aside intent) anywhere to delve in the root causes for such crimes and run focused programs that can address those causes specifically to bring about some transformation. Perhaps because, deep inside we all know, that as individuals, behind the mask of of being socially and politically correct, we carry suppressed and repressed emotions of hate, anger, rejection and frustration, which, add to the repository of the collective unconscious and spread as contagions to spark actioning of crimes by some of the more influence-able individuals.

No reform or transformation is social of institutional. It has to start at the unit level – with the individual – each and every individual. To get them cleansed through catharses. Of the rapist, the terrorists, the murders hidden. Then only there could be some hope of transformation in the crime and punishment scenario.

Till such time, let’s agree, that each one of us is as guilty as the convicted, contributing unconsciously to the making of criminals and hang our head in shame each time a criminal is hanged to death.

“The righteous is not innocent of the deeds of the wicked,
And the white-handed is not clean in the doings of the felon.
Yea, the guilty is oftentimes the victim of the injured.
And still more often the condemned is the burden bearer for
the guiltless and unblamed. You cannot separate the just from the unjust and the good from the wicked…”

~ From “The Prophet”

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