I am standing on the shore of this mighty ocean of existence, watching the waves rise and fall.

I could be obsessed with the size, color, height and nature of the waves, so much so that I take them home in a bucket for analysis. Only to realize with disappointment that when I come home there is no wave in the bucket. I have carried home the ocean. All analysis, arguments and analogy have disappeared with the forms – the waves.

At another time I could be fascinated by the movement, the dance of the wave. The poet in me gets aroused to the way of the waves, their mysterious appearance and disappearance. I get lost watching them come and crash on the shore and once again, when I wish to possess them I am left with a bit of the ocean.

In one of those rare adventurous moments I deep dive into the ocean to fathom its depth. Niggled with fear of drowning and yet propped with the anticipation of discovery when I touch the base of the ocean, to my utter joy and delight I see abundance of life, color and riches. This time the souvenirs I pick up from the ocean bed do actually come back home with me. In being drenched with the experience, both emotionally and physically, I find myself recharged and renewed.

Such is the journey with questions like WHAT (the content, the wave), the HOW (the process, its movement and behavior) and WHY (the cause, the depth of in which lies the secret of existence.)

Yes, it’s the like following the Why(te) Rabbit. In search of the cause, the rabbit hole runs deep and inevitably leads to the WHO, within. The WHO, which is the primordial, the formless, the true I Am – inert, innate and infinite. And the WHO that is my story, the conditioned Me – reactive, changing and limited. In the moments of this discovery there emerges another WHO – the Awareness – the one who knows the true I Am co-existing with Me and my story.

This awareness is what makes a man truly human. For just like the true nature of fire is to burn, water is to extinguish, so is the true nature of human – to be aware. It’s not an option. It’s an imperative for all of us born human to acknowledge this with humility and strive to stay aware as much as possible. For otherwise, as Kabir says, the destiny is to be caught betwixt the grinding wheels of duality and be ground into oblivion.

dui patan

You perceive with your senses. However, you ‘know’ with the consciousness that is behind the five senses. Anything left at the sense perception level is a transient delusion . The same, when received with awareness, reveals the in-transient truth. Thus the senses are likes slaves to one master- your awareness. It’s a choice to stay caught in the web of illusion created by the sense perceptions or follow the Why(te) Rabbit to know to the mesmeric ‘maya’, with the awareness,  and go through it in a sense of play (leela) while being in touch with the knowing of That Which Is.


  • Puja
    Posted at 12:08h, 10 February Reply

    Its not just the thought which is mesmerizing but also the expression…. Meditative reading for me….

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