Now re-invent your career around your core talents and abilities

Now re-invent your career around your core talents and abilities

Look around and you will see a deluge of professionals on the metro broad-ways lugging their boats on their heads. The boats that they had used to sail through the water of uncertainty are of no use on land. They are impeding the journey and exhausting them of their energy. Yet, peer pressure and the fear of having to face uncertainty again in future, do not allow them to dump these vehicles. So they lug on, grudgingly, without even being able to complain.

Such is that state of many seemingly well-settled professionals. They had chosen careers – the boats – which seemed safe to navigate through uncertainty and gave them a sense of stability. However, with so many options emerging in well-charted broad-ways of employment today, they are finding these careers redundant and burdensome. Every other engineering pass-out wants to be a start-up wonder – having heard of all the success stories and not many failure stories, which would perhaps be nine for every success. Parents of boys in many parts of India want to get 5x return-on-investment- for-education by getting their sons to pursue a coveted comp science career in the Silicon Valley and become eligible to earn a handsome dowry. By the time a professional has reached her early forties, the career that she made herself believe to have chosen (but was actually imposed, collectively and subtly) would have had its toll in terms of exhausting the synthetic passion she would have started with. She now says she feels stagnated and looks for a break or a change. Wanting to do something more meaningful and yet not wanting any dent in the monthly pay-check.

Wish there was a way out? Well, there is a way out. A tool is in making that can guide any professional or aspirant to craft her career and define a meaningful future with a fair amount of certainty.

Talent-centrism - case

A case-study on talent-centrism

I had never imagined that what was meant to be a simple demonstration of talent-centrism and how enduring talents can be, could lead to thought provoking discoveries that day. Discoveries, which through iterations of the same exercise with 5000 professionals and 500 students, over a period of eight years, could become the starting point of a tool that promises to revolutionize the way individuals choose their career and more importantly find a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in it.

You can now make such life-transforming discoveries and craft your career too.  There’s a link below to a survey for Talent-centric Career Crafting – a pre-cursor to the above tool. It takes less than half hour to fill it up. And it will take me a couple of days to revert with what appear to be your innate strengths and talents and the roles you would best fit into to carve a meaningful, joyful career for yourself.

Go. Now re-invent your career around your core talents and abilities.

Survey for Talent-centric Career Crafting

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