Looking back @ iEnable

Looking back @ iEnable

The recently concluded iEnable in Bangalore in many ways was quite a milestone event.

Exploring in depths

Exploring in depths

The conditions for being an enabler, distinct from a trainer, facilitator, teacher, instructor, coach, mentor or even a healer were clearly established. Participants, all of whom came with a purpose which had something to do with being an enabler, could existentially uphold the significance of their life-purpose as a guiding force for being an enabler. And finally, recognizing the fact that enabling is more about ‘being’ than ‘doing’, the enablers-in-making could integrate reflective practices with their lives to sustain the inner enabling environment.


I realize with my own evolution, iEnable has also evolved and gone a notch up – not 

Exploring in heights

Exploring in heights

only in the experience it has to offer but also in the impact it leaves the participants with. As one of the ex-participants who had come to visit us and share his journey as an enabler put it succinctly, the participants of this iEnable seem to be coming from another generation of enablers, with more clarity, more awareness and more human-ness.

Looking back at what makes this iEnable an epochal experience in my journey as an enabler, I see ten highlights which make it a more evolved, more refined, new-gen program:

1. There wasn’t any agenda imposed on the group. It was co-created by the group, right at the beginning without much of explicit intervention.

2. The group, right from the beginning, was contextually focused on exploring with uncovering the enabler within, only. There wasn’t any other agenda brought in in the course of the 5-days, making the journey so much more wholesome.

3. Personal issues that emerged in course of the exploration were dealt with compassion and were leveraged to gather insight into making of the enabler self.

4. The Tao prevailed all through subordinating the need / obsession to look for a ‘method’ of enablement. It was eclectic and responsive – sort of a method of method-less-ness.

5. Honoring the group’s wisdom in seeking directions from itself and managing its own journey all through was a running theme.

6. All interventions were responses to the need in the moment as guide by The Principle.

7. The group learnt to accept and live with what emerged – in self, in relating and in coming together as a group – with humility and contentment.

8. Moments of pain and anguish – characteristic of transformation and birthing of a new being – were dealt with exemplary compassion without impinging on personal spaces.

9. The group came together to discover and demonstration of the purpose, values, behaviors and skills required for one to be an enabler.

10. Love and being centered and aware were running themes that prevailed all through the five days.


Confronting with care

This program was conceptualized and enabled by me in 2007 for the first time as a small step in fulfilling my dream of kindling a thousand lamps which will bring light to lives of a million. Today, seven years from then, it seems that my faith in enabling as a process and conviction towards having more meaningful enablers accompany individuals and institutions in their evolution is beginning to bear fruits. I know, it still is a long way to go. The direction, however, appears to be right and the wind seems to have caught the sail.

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