The world is a gaming parlour

The world is a gaming parlour

BEE OVER FLOWERSThe world is a a huge gaming parlor. With myriad games for you to choose and play. Games that are labeled as ‘constructive’ as well as those which are considered ‘destructive’. These are just labels ascribed by the fearing mind. Otherwise all games are meant to be chosen and played by you, based on the innate tendencies which you come with. These tendencies in synergistic clusters form what you call is your purpose and are meant for you to be deployed and attain your highest self. Left alone, these tendencies will naturally make you gravitate towards the game that’s uniquely suited to you. Never mind they are ‘evil’ or ‘holy’, ‘ethical’ or ‘unethical’, ‘legal’ or illegal.’ Universe has its own way to sustain harmony and if you choose to follow its design, consciously.

Each game, once you have chosen, will also prompt you to choose the level at which you want to play. You may want to play at the level of being stinking rich and world famous or moderately well-off and recognized amongst your peers. In this spectrum, there are several levels which you can choose based on the passion you come with. Again you can settle for any level that suits your passion and get going.

The challenge is that most of us, crippled by the repeated blows of explicit and implicit remonstrations of authorities around us, have limited our choice to be moderate. To be seen in good light. To be not doing something that challenges the established norm. As a result, instead of being guided by our purpose and passion, we spend our lifetimes in playing many games, half-heartedly as past-times. Leading us to carrying an unsaid disappointment and guilt of not living our lives the way we were meant to. Leading us to blame the world for our miseres. And leading us to settle for living a sub human life.

Nature, Life, The System, Tao, The Cosmic Principle or God – whatever you call – does not like being defied in terms of its designs, its Primordial Will. And when you do it, may not be deliberately, it tries to bring you back, with a lot of compassion and kindness, to where you are meant to be. Sometimes these are little nudges and surprise in life. Sometimes it could be a tight slap, which you call as misfortune.

Either way, you are being called, right here, right now, to leave all your inhibitions, your egoic flawed understanding (acquired, not innate) of what is good for you and what is not and like a innocent child, reach out with simplicity to engage yourself with that game which you are purposed to play. Joyfully and meaningfully.

My game is to get you out of your imagined reveries of what is cool and what is uncool, make choices for yourself to find the purposive game you are ‘willed’ to play and settle for a level that your passion allows. The level at which I am playing is contentment – earn enough to make a living and be valued by those whose life I touch / transform. if you are urged to choose and play the game that will carve your destiny. I will help you do so.

(Pic courtesy Samir Dhar Chaudhuri)

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