Crystal gazing into Year 2015

Crystal gazing into Year 2015

Year 2015 is a year of Awakening!

Awakening of the human consciousness.

As things will happen slowly, many would find peace within oneself awakening the true nature of being human. This will also awaken a spirit of collaboration and co-creation. New interests and passions will surface as means of exploration giving rise to new formats and streams of professional and entrepreneurial excellence. Existing relationships and friendships will be re-defined to seek more engagement while new fulfilling and purposeful relationships will emerge. Deep reflection and introspection on experiences emerging out of exploration, leading to a sense of awakening, will be the running theme.

Year 2015 will also be a landmark year for the economy and businesses. From this year onward for the next fifteen years, a new wave of economy will take over – the sacred or the human economy. Abundance rather than scarcity and unity rather than separated-ness will be the governing premise for business to happen. Shifts will be noticed in enterprises moving from being commercial to conscious, greed-led to goodness-led, vicious to virtuous and working for purpose rather than profit alone. This will mean spawning of many conscious enterprises led by conscious leaders awakening cellular consciousness amongst its people and stake holders and building a conscious culture that will permeate beyond the legal boundaries of the corporations. Existing commercial enterprises may also be making slow albeit sure move to transform into conscious enterprises.

At a global level movements across boundaries will be initiated to underscore human rights and awareness. For once such movements will focus on identifying and attempting to resolve root causes of social problems rather than resort to fixing at the surface levels.

Year 2015 will be a decisive year for many individuals and institutions. As it is with any life transforming phase, it will present many trying moments for one to look deep within and gather insights and wisdom therefrom. Those who will fail to listen and see such gifts in garb will miss the opportunity and be left behind while others who are more present to life and its messages will surge forward.

Wish you all a Great Awakening!

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