What’s this sentence you are serving?

What’s this sentence you are serving?


Go to work come back home, go to work come back home and again go to work come back home. That’s how it has been and will be, god knows for how many years.

Come to think of it you actually don’t come back home. You get out of work on parole. When you set out to work in the morning your convict number dangles from your neck, so that you never forget you are a prisoner of your own mind and mind made illusions of what you have to do is actually what you want to do. In your need to make others happy you fooled yourself to believe that you want to be the best seller, coder, analyst, manager, incubator, accelerator, entrepreneur and all the blah. And the world around you knows it. When it looks at your face, the boredom and tiredness that they experience tells the true story. For what you really want to do, if it is an expression of your life’s purpose-the very reason for your existence on the face of this earth – then the first thing that you will proclaim is your freedom. Your freedom to be rich or poor, famous or infamous, in position or out of it. Your freedom to make choices and be responsible for the choices that you make. Even your freedom to choose the company you work for and carve the role you take. That’s where the difficulty lies. You are too afraid to make choices because you are too reluctant to accept consequences of the choices that you make.

What’s happening in this process of you denying yourself of the gift of purpose and choice making? Let’s look at the other way round. What will happen if you uphold and value the gift and allow for its expression in earning your livelihood as well as beyond? You not only bless yourself by honoring the gift and manifesting its magical outcomes, in doing so you gift the world with awesome creations. Yes, only when you make choices to pursue your purpose can you create and only when you create you align yourself to the Universal purpose behind creation and sustenance of human beings, which is for them to create.

Sushant, a naturally talented classical vocalist and dramatist has been a friend for a very long time. Ever since he moved his place of work and residence to another city we lost touch. Before that we would often meet on weekends and spend blissful hours together in exhibiting our passions and soaking ourselves in the divinity of its expression. We never talked shop, we never talked career, we never talked of advancement or growth. I know we both, in course of the last 5-6 years of our separation, would have struggled to maintain our status and earn a living therefor. However today to my wondrous surprise when I get to know that he is staging his first theatrical production, I know (and he knows that too) that we never lost touch of what life meant for us.

In your choosing to not make choices, you are not only depriving yourself of the gift of purpose that you have been endowed with, you are also depriving others around you the joy of experiencing your creation. Deprive yourself as much as you want. That’s none of anyone’s’ business. But depriving the community of what it should have naturally and rightfully gotten from you in terms of happiness and joy is near criminal.

What, if at all any, are you doing to get in touch with your life’s purpose? No, I don’t mean that false sense of purpose which you go around proclaiming to others that feels and sounds right. I am talking that of inner most deepest element of truth in you which was embedded in your life script maybe from the time you were born. What are you doing to uncover it, know it and live it. As I said, that you have the choice to stay in your slumber and be oblivious to something like this, live the life of a prisoner, die every day and yearn to come alive. The universe however has no choice but to bring it to your consciousness any which way. You either wake up, stop and take a call to invest in uncovering your purpose or wait for the hard knocks that life will deliver on the door of your consciousness, often a little too harshly, to get you there. Remember, while you have freewill and the will to not be willing, the Universe holds the rein of your destiny and it shall one day, like it or not, bring you to confront it and adopt it. For the sake of your and its own growth and evolution.


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