Resisting transformation through reverence

Resisting transformation through reverence


“Your worshiping is false. If it were genuine there would be one sure test – you would be a changed person. If you truly revered …you would be transformed. But you remain the same even if you pretend to revere…; then your reverence is only an escape device. You say, “You are great. All you say is absolutely right, but the time is not yet ripe for us. When the time comes we will set out on this path, but there are so many duties in life to be done first. What’s the hurry?”

We keep postponing it. Our reverence is filled with such cunning. Remember, reverence can be a very cunning device. To poison someone is a straighter and simpler way to get rid of him; in Greece they poisoned Socrates, and the Jews crucified Christ. India is more cunning, for they are past masters at it. We neither poisoned nor crucified Buddha, Nanak, Mahavir or Krishna – we worshiped them.

We are indeed very, very clever. We have fixed days to remember them: their birthdays, the anniversaries of their deaths. We remember them with full fervor, with drums and conch shells and flowers and processions – but only on these days. The rest of the year we beg them to leave us alone to carry on our work, our trade. We are not yet ready to deal with the other world. We didn’t have to take the trouble to remove our great men bodily, because we know so many tricks to bypass them, so why take the trouble. And besides, killing them would mean we had taken them too seriously.

We shall worship you, give you the status of God, and call you guru, saint, whatever – but let us remain as we are! This is a non-violent device to be rid of them. We place them on the altar in the temples, and remain in the world of samsara ourselves. When we need something we call on them. We use them but we aren’t prepared to change ourselves for their sake.

Why crucify or poison? Why all the plotting and planning? Put them on a pedestal and you are rid of them!”

~ Osho in The True Name, Vol 2.

Osho had a way of shocking readers / visitors out of slumber and stupor and make then sit up and listen. Whether they listen or not is a different question all together.

For example, many of you who are reading this – what’s happening inside you? How are feeling?

Stunned, ashamed, guilty and depressed? Or perhaps angry, defiant, argumentative and dismissive?

I am sure some of us – those who are truly listening – having found some truth in the expression, have become reflective. Searching their souls, going deep and looking at their age-old conditioned habits which have been leading to such blasphemous actions. And in doing so, releasing themselves of the shackles of the past to reclaim the freedom of making choices and moving forward on their transformational journey.

Much of the posts and forwards we get to see on social media and Whats-app are a derivative of the mentality described in Osho’s expressions. Derivative because, in sharing spiritual wisdom expounded by others we somehow would like the world to believe that we are more knowledgeable, more enlightened than many, in practicing what we are preaching. We tend to believe that we now belong to the select band wagon of spiritually inclined individuals.

I have heard and experienced a few taking this a step further. They have, having profusely read and heard such sermons, learnt the way of speaking and writing alike. They have just learnt the ‘way’ – sounding and looking cool. Without having imbibed, leave aside integrating, an iota of the wisdom embedded in the expressions. If you listen to them closely, you will notice they sound amusedly hollow. More so, their behavior completely defies what they express and project. Thus immediately after having been in throes of emotion while sitting in a sat-sang, you will find this highly placed corporate executive adeptly manipulating with his customers or colleagues in a boardroom game. He will be unrecognizably different. Inconsistent and in-congruent.

Such are the ways in which wise men and their wisdom are used and neutralized. What is happening is not so much of a concern than what it is leading to – a pseudo spiritual culture thriving and growing worldwide. A culture that promotes setting up and worshiping gods outside to avoid uncovering the God within. Enrollment to this culture is fairly easy. Meet-ups, clubs and SIGs with easy entry criteria are mushrooming all over. Charlatans of spiritual wisdom see this as a great opportunity of furthering their ‘trade’ and follower-ship – all they need to do is to up the supply of the mystical stuff they dole out, which also very often, is plagiarized either from scriptures or from someone else’s expression.

Those who are gullible are falling easy prey to this trap. Those who can sense and see through this are feeling isolated. And then, there are a few who are contented with their own transformational journey, standing aside, watching the drama with compassion and concern, praying for light to shine on the truth. What’s happening with you? Please share as comments below, your authentic expressions after you have read this post, before closing this page.

Thank you.

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