Now decode your Essential DNA

Now decode your Essential DNA

girl-sunDoes it sometime feel like being a square peg in a round hole?

Despite all the success, the achievements and accolades, something seems to be amiss? Doesn’t feel a hundred percent meaningful and joyful doing what you do and how you do?

It’s quite likely that your career is not completely aligned to your Essential DNA – the very seed of your essence that determines uniquely who you really are.

Like most of us, it happened with me too. All along my professional journey  with the corporate for 16 years, though I kind of enjoyed what I did, I always had this nagging feeling that I was close to but not exactly doing what I was meant to. My explorative nature made me experiment with different roles, with different companies in different job profiles and yet it was like being in a relationship knowing it was not a hundred percent my kind. There always used to be a yearning for something more, something different and yet I could not put a finger to it.

It came to a stage where I felt anxious to know the truth. Else, I was cheating not only myself but the very intent and design with which I was created. Deep inside I knew that there was a Universal purpose for me to be who and what I was meant to be and unless and until I knew that, upheld that and lived that life, I was not doing justice to my existence on this planet. This realization propelled me out of the rut where I was feeling comfortable and secure. I launched myself into to a realm of unknown which seemingly held vast possibilities in store. I was left with me, myself and my wisdom to explore guided by an inner compass – something which I did not know was actually my own Essential DNA. It took me two years to figure it out. I still could not exactly articulate it though, but had kind of a sensing of what it could be. The best way to refine and define it, I knew was to now create / choose a space that aligned to this intuitive understanding of my Essential  DNA and keep being guided by it till I land up with doing something that I felt was just right and uniquely represented who and what I essentially am.

The level of commitment I had, not just in terms of resources but also my intent, endowed in me this fierce focus which did not allow me to be allured by well-trodden, proven paths of becoming rich and famous, overnight. I stayed put for another couple of years – insulated and yet pervious enough to intercept subtle messages.

Till, one day, I saw a light like that of a thousand suns shining upon what I essentially was meant to be, what would make me stand out in the crowd with all my awesomeness and most importantly what would make me indisputably valued and valuable. I had decoded my Essential DNA – that immutable core which formed the foundation of my limitless, incomparable and unique self.

The experience was indescribably overwhelming. I felt an intense sense of gratitude and, driven by my DNA, a strong urge to enable others find for themselves the secret to their uniqueness and awesomeness. I have packaged my learning and insights into an offering – Decoding the Essential DNA  – and made it available for individuals from all walks of life to go through.

This is an engine for most of my other programs, including the ones where I enable leadership journeys in business corporations. My entire approach is discovery-oriented. I see and experience a sense of awe in the participants when they uncover and realize their core potentials, their ‘more-ness’, their uniqueness.

I have enabled close to 10,000 individuals to discover their Essential DNA and create a road map to a preferred reality based on it. It’s more of a passion, for my own DNA drives me to enable individuals uncover higher than realized potentials for participation and performance and live them with sustained sense of joy and meaningfulness. The process has gone through several iterations and has been stabilized as a proprietary approach to what I call as Decoding the Essential DNA. To eliminate any subjective perception, the process has been designed to take into account real life events in the individual’s life and thus is completely grounded in reality.

I feel blessed to have been able to define, refine and offer this process of facilitated discovery to individuals across all walks of life today, eliminating the trials and errors, the associated pain and struggle and the chances of going wrong due to subjective perceptions and prejudices. In many cases I accompany these individuals through the process of transformation, as it is not easy to let go of many years of conditioned smallness and uphold the promise of awesomeness.

My Essential DNA is the lodestone to living my life meaningfully and joyfully. Whatever I do, is now consciously or unconsciously guided by my knowing of this immutable core. It’s a fulfilling experience of living life, moment to moment, knowing I am on course being guided by my Essential DNA. The insights that I have gathered in living life thus are held today be me could be operating principles for any well-meaning soul. These are:

  1. There are as many unique species of human beings as the population of this world for each one of us is essentially distinct from the other.
  2. All comparison and competition therefore is absolutely meaningless and futile.
  3. When you work towards being who you are meant to be and doing what you are meant to do, the Universe conspires to make it happen, often miraculously.
  4. When you do more of what works, what does not goes away.
  5. A deep sense of contentment for yourself and compassion for other struggling co-travelers surfaces when you follow your Essential DNA

If you are keen to re-define your journey, re-build your reality and re-carve your existence – in a manner that is meaningful, joyful and at the same time is inclusively value-creating, reach out to set up appointment for a session with me. It’s happens in two one-on-one sessions, preferably face-to-face, for a duration of 3 to 4 hours each. While in the first session the decoding happens, in the subsequent session happens road-mapping to the preferred future (from the current reality).

  • Aniruddha Sarkar
    Posted at 17:03h, 24 February Reply

    Wonderful article Indroneil. After almost three and a half decades of Information Technology based solution building, I have started writing Bengali Poems which was my early age dream. . I am rediscovering my own self in the process. Luckily for me, I find some readership of my poems as well. Aniruddha Sarkar, Kolkata, India

    • Indroneil Mukerjee
      Posted at 03:49h, 27 February Reply

      Thanks Aniruddha. It’s wonderful to know about you u having discovered the poet in you. Let me also have the privilege of reading some of them please.

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