Start ups fail as they are too obsessed with metrics and ignore the mystics

Start ups fail as they are too obsessed with metrics and ignore the mystics

Is it serendipity or my intent? Is it mere coincidence or a meaningful message?

Why Start ups fail? I have been reading and tracking news on start-ups and entrepreneurship and increasingly feeling restless about doing something to get more startups become self-sustaining. In fact, only y’day, I had set aside dates in Jan 2017 when I could possibly invite founders of fledgling start-ups to an explorative space and help them see what they are missing out on. And look at what happened this morning!

As I was flipping through some messages on Whatsapp I suddenly chanced upon this article: Flawed business model or funding crunch: What led to startup shutdowns?.

As I read it, I could sense a smile appearing on my lips as I recalled this quote of Einstein:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results …

I read another article that showed up in a pop-up link: One funded Indian tech startup shut shop every 10 days this year.

Wow!!! Insanity, it surely is, I thought. Otherwise, why is it that over decades of start-up failures we get to hear the similar failure stories of start-ups who came almost with same mindsets and expected to survive and thrive in similar manner?

My resolve about creating and offering this space – The Power Within – to founders (especially those who are already funded) got strengthened. I decided to reach out to them with sign post messages for them to read and listen for themselves. Should they choose too, rising above the clamor in the eco system.

Most start-ups that fail, sooner or later, do so not because of flawed financial, marketing, revenue generation or any other similar business strategies and models. Fundamentally, they fail because of gross mismatch between the founders’ Essential DNA (which is not biological but memetic) and their creation. After all a creation is a projection of the creator. Its nature cannot be much different from that of the creator.

While most founders start with compelling dreams, very soon these get lost in heat and dust of following suit. They chase what seems to be working instead of establishing new ways of working. Most often the dreams dissolve because even these are borrowed, copied and adopted, not original. Even as there could be a core original dream, dismissed and buried deep under the bull crap of fad and greed.

And so the founders go from one failure to another, claiming to be learning from each, till, if they are lucky enough, one day they stumble upon what is right for them, what their Essential DNA demands them to create and then they get written about as how they used failures as pillars of success. Another dump of solid bull shit.

Founders can get it right first time, almost effortlessly, if they believe in the fact that the only thing that is common in all of us is that we are all unique. Sharply, distinctly unique. With unique ways of manifesting our glory. And unique benchmarks of excellence to establish.

They also need to believe that what is not visible is not necessarily absent as well as what is not known is not necessarily impossible. They need to believe that there are proven ways of decoding one’s memetic Essential DNA and extrapolate from it what could be that one creation they are here, on the face of this earth, to breathe life into, as a part of the Universal conspiracy, which kicks in to support the entrepreneurial pursuit the moment one gets committed to it.

This is the cognitive bit – the talk, the gyan. Easy to understand, though may not be easy to believe.  The most formidable difficulties come when, having believed, one has to deep-dive into mystics and walk the talk

  • The hangover of being an executive, executing someone else’s ideas come in the way of one taking on the role of an entrepreneur, a creator meant to shape and breathe life into one’s own original idea. I know of many, who may like to be called as entrepreneurs but in reality are still executives driving screws.
  • The promise of making manifest ones purpose and giving shape to what is scripted in one’s Essential DNA is humungous. It shows glimpses of how awesome, how glorious one truly is, potentially, which scares the shit out of the midget mindset of the founder. He scurries back to the dark dingy comfortable corner of his conditioned self-concept, feeling safe and secure.
  • The mind is conditioned to think deductively, outside-in not inductively inside out. This comes in the way of the entrepreneur to provoke himself to create a preferred reality, inside-out, starting from his Essential DNA. It seems so unreal, so ideal, that he drops it no sooner he takes it up.
  • Where there are more than one founders, they most often come together, based on common interests or passion, at the most, not shared purposes. Their  Essential DNAs may not have any complementarity for natural selection and fall-out sooner or later and finally
  • While the entrepreneur primarily comes with his creational energy focused in giving shape to the creation, he needs to know when to don a conservational mindset to make it sustainable and a consummational mindset for value creation. Inability to do so has been the root cause of many a bubble bursting.

It took me three decades to figure out and know my Essential DNA and what I am purposed to be creating. There was no Indroneil for me to enable this discovery in a few hours or days. However, having traveled the road less traveled and made this rather tortuous journey, I am not only aware of what I am here for and what I am meant to be creating, I am also acutely aware of the difficulties that can come in my way and by being aware I am able to allow myself to be guided by my memetic DNA.

With each day, every moment of my existence, I am getting surer and surer that I am here to create a space that will enable conscious creation, entrepreneurship and enterprise, thereby enabling you to uphold and live a life that will lead you to make manifest your uniqueness  into near-divine awesomeness.

Come, let’s change the conversation. Let’s change the world of make believe. Let’s get real. You can

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