What a stupid inquiry, you must be thinking.

Well, if you really think the inquiry is stupid, it must be also stupid for an entrepreneur who’s wired to be a great musician jumping on start-up bandwagon to develop mobile apps or to start a business in fintech, analytics or one of those super hyped business areas?

Not only are they expecting jackfruit from the mango tree that they have unwittingly grown, they aren’t even aware that the seed they planted wasn’t a jackfruit seed.

How can you promise the fruit of your enterprise unless you know the seed of your existence? And how can you know the seed unless you are living life as an integrated whole? And how can you be an integrated whole unless you get in touch with and acknowledge your uniqueness – that immutable truth that you and everything about you is incomparable, unprecedented and only one of its kinds?

If there is one single-most fundamental reason for start-up failure, it is this – they started-up with creating something with the idea of addressing a brilliant market opportunity and yet blissfully unaware of what they are destined to create. At best, they would have had a hazy and not so accurate idea of what they are meant to create, what, as they say, their ‘passion’ is all about. But neither have they taken that seriously as the most significant input in starting their entrepreneurial journey nor have they, in their arrogant best, have any desire of knowing their unique Essential DNA for carving a meaningful journey for as an individual.

My understanding is not theoretical. For close to two decades, as a part of seva to shackled humankind, that I am committed to, I have again and again come across bewildered and bemused human souls seeking help to get them out of the quagmire of meaningless survival. I have, with compassion, helped thousands of them to see, what in them, in terms of their own self-limiting beliefs have brought them to this state, manage the same and then uncover their dormant awesomeness that lied buried in the debris of limiting mind-made concepts of their own selves. I have enabled them to discover and uphold their unique Essential DNA and create road maps for manifesting it as awe inspiring creations that allowed them to live a life of meaning and abundance. It’s not only helped them but all the other inter-dependent entities in their eco-system. The contentment that they carry today is envied by many. The abundance mentality that they display makes them rich. They came and crossed my path to be touched and got transformed.

Pained by state of affairs, especially of those who failed to sustain the struggle of swimming against the current, have gone into severe debt and depression and burnt themselves completely out, I have written about this, again and again, hoping to pierce holes in the kneaded mud that blocks the ears of reckoning. Little has happened.
I am once again putting forward this invitation to all those who have started-up but deep inside carry a niggling doubt that they may not be on the right path as well as those managers who are experiencing a plateauing and associated boredom in their career. An invitation to reachme@indroneil.com and allow me to accompany them in their journey within to come out with amazing discoveries about themselves and what they are meant to create, in tangible terms.

I am also inviting investors, accelerator and mentors to advise their clients / investees to go through this life-transforming experience in the interest of safe guarding their investment and reputation. I firmly belief that this is a systemic call, responding to which will contribute to holistic and inclusive growth and well-being. I trust the collective wisdom of the entrepreneurial community and sincerely hope that this call will be heard and responded to, willfully.

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