Testimonials - indroneil
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What People Are Saying About Us

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“…different from many other … his passion and expertise made a difference to the managers

– Krishna Setlur VP‐HR, Samsung India Software

…knows exactly what he is doing… profoundly knowledgeable about coaching …. an extraordinary master…. ‐ Sri Harsha, GM HR ‐ Macmillan

So many years of experience could not show me, what I discovered in this engagement with him…my innate leadership abilities. ‐ Sivananda, Program Manager, First Indian Corporation

…helped me get a dimension / direction … to leading and living a qualitative life, bringing more happiness –Sudhir Saran Singh, MD & CEO, Stratandops

…demonstrates an eclectic approach… a radical thinker …walks a different path of action…full of sparks that triggers introspection – Mridula Das (L&D Head HTMT Global)

The wisdom of ‘The Power Within’ (Aham Brahmasmi), is one thing … and having the vision & gumption to create & deliver a workshop to awaken ”The Power Within” …is altogether another awesome thing! … ‐Dr. Rajaram Kudli (Ex) Program Director MAS, Symphony Services Pvt. Ltd

It was a call more to try and understand myself and the direction I was taking. There was a lot of turmoil in my mind on the work which I was doing. There did not seem to be a purpose in the directions led by my scope of my work.

I had interacted with Indroneil over the last decade or so in various capacities – as a friend, as a well wisher, as a client, both as a guide and also as a mentee. The interactions with him on all these avatars had been quite meaningful. Keeping these in mind and the inner direction I was seeking I went to him to bring out these issues.

I hardly share my problems with others and rather like to keep them in myself and brood till they become situations which can turn ugly. Here I thought Indroneil was a person whom I could trust and come out and discuss some of my open thoughts. The engagement helped me to come to terms with myself.

The process aligned my thoughts and also put in a perspective on my career aspirations. More importantly it helped me reinforcing some of the strengths and become more aware of the weaknesses I perceived in myself.

I had also been trying over the years to conform to “what the people think” rather than who I really am. The process helped me to get in touch with my fundamentals and come to terms with myself to go on self‐directed path, with conviction. The sessions were intensive and a process of opening up.

The transformation helped me more in bringing back in me a belief in myself and also coming to terms with some of my limitations and ambitions. The most important transformation which happened was that belief that “I am what I am” and not what others think of me. People like me and respect me for some of my inherent strengths and some of my fears about myself are much unfounded and do not matter at all.

– Anjan Dutta – Ex Sr. VP of an Education Technology major, now an funded entreprenuer