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Looking into the crystal ball – Year 2011

Looking into the crystal ball – Year 2011

Year 2011 is going to be a year of strife, delays, isolation and insight. A year of corrections, confrontations and conflicts. 
This will be a year of sharpening of differences. Between the have-s and the have-nots. The powerful and the powerless.  There will also be a further widening of economic gaps in developed countries. The rich will get richer and the poor, poorer. Religions will also become more polarized reflecting in lesser tolerance and more likely violence. Political differences will also be blown out of proportion leading to possible shift in power equations. Authorities will be put under scrutiny and questioned. The currencies will go through major upheavals. The accepted denominators for economic success will begin to get questioned and proposal for adopting new denominators will be debated.
Details will be sought, frustration will rule and tunnel vision may become the accepted norm. On the whole dysfunction will be heightened to an extent where the world will question the viability of the existing order to begin re-constructing a new order. The inadequacy of linear processes will be severely exposed for the meander to be finally regarded with respect.
2011 is the 305th prime number. Its primacy will prevail in influencing all actions; no matter how powerful they may be, often leading to events of creative destruction / disruption.
While on the surface it may seem to be deterring and dismal, this year brings in disruption that is functional to a deeper process of evolution working towards bringing humanistic harmony in 2012 and the ensuing years.
Year 2011, being the 11th year of the 21st century and the 2000 millennia will continue to aid enhancement and creation of more spiritualistic than materialistic value in the system and sub-systems while making it conducive for advent of many masters who will come forward to facilitate this transformational process with their intuitive powers. Yes, year 2011 is a year of painstaking preparation for the arrival of the master and may be even the messiah.
With the Year 2011 begins the run up to the beginning of the third cycle of economy – the Human Economy. An economy which will no more treat human beings as resources, capital or means for meeting ends but will revolve around upholding humanness and value-creation. Through symbiotic awakening and expression of human limitlessness.  

Year 2011 will also prepare for the emergence of what may be called as networked enterprises. Enterprises, where, notwithstanding their legal identity, for all practical purposes, the process of value creation will happen through intra and inter enterprise networks.
In the emerging economy 

  • Individual contribution will be sub-ordinated to community or group contribution. The equation will shift from being aggregative to being multiplicative, as mutually eco-harmonic groups of individuals will emerge to create unprecedented synergies.
  • The benchmarks of contribution will be revisited and redefined as higher than realized levels of talent-centric contribution.
  • Leadership styles will undergo sea-change. Innate influence and inspiration of individuals will replace positional power to guide group performance and participation.
  • Institution building will be in focus. Explorations with respect to the very purpose of existence of an enterprise, its drivers and life forces will be instituted as an ongoing process of enterprise discovery. Employee-ship will give way to aligned membership. Clients too will be chosen based on a process of alignment and enrollment.  
  • Business will be incidental as multiple bottom-lines, revolving around humanistic growth and evolution, will come in vogue. Practice of human values will be linked to quantifiable value creation and measured.
  • The enterprise language will change to one which more appreciative and expansive. Delivery will become enablement; business development will be value engagement and growth, evolution.
Just as technology has been a strategic enabler of enterprise success in the Industrial Economy, Enterprise Learning will be the key enabler of growth and success of enterprises in the Human Economy. Learning, that will be transformational and will call for deeper acceptance of and drawing of insights from situational realities, for individuals and institutions to sail through and evolve.
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