Based on our findings and deriving from his rich experience of creating deep and lasting impact with Transformational Learning approaches for leadership in the past, Indroneil has re-designed and re-packaged some of the existing leadership development programs to create three offerings that will enable leaders / managers at the entry, middle and top levels transform into Conscious Leaders. 

Conscious Leaders are people who come with conscious awareness of the ‘being’ of the enterprise and its interdependence with the stakeholders in their business. They transcend unconscious patterns of reactive strategies, foster an expanded perspective and openness to new possibilities and inspire, activate and sustain a process of collaborative growth by engaging the entities in their eco-system to move in a direction together to create far higher synergic value than what could be accomplished otherwise.

With multi-layered approaches and programs designed for individuals at different levels, this leadership program enables them to become a conscious leader to lead the way for them and their team to the glorious success.  Know more about the program here.