iEnable is the first of its kind transformational learning program that is designed ground-up to enable executives, entrepreneurs and experts move up the value chain to become impactful enablers of individual and institutional transformation.

In the context of rising uncertainty in the socio-economic environment, in order for individuals and institutions to thrive, besides learning new domain, functional and technological skills, keeping pace with transformation is an imperative.

iEnable addresses this need and offers opportunity to aspiring enablers to :

  1. Be self-enabled by acknowledging the overarching principles that govern humanistic processes, becoming self-aware, accepting one’s frailties and vulnerabilities as humans and appreciating innate potentials and preferences to emerge with integrity and authenticity as individuals
  2. Develop skills and competencies that will equip them to enable others, effectively.

The Intended audience of this program are Project/ program managers managing people, co-founders of startups, entrepreneurs, subject matter-experts, business/leadership/performance consultant and coaches, trainers/instructors/facilitators and teachers who come with readiness and intent to move up the enablement ladder and have opportunity to enable transformation in their current context.
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