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As human beings we were born free and were meant to live free. Till we became captive and mortgaged our freedom to the illusion of systemic control. We became someone who we are not, just to find acceptance and approval of the authorities vested in these systems.

The Power Within is a space, a kind of a sanctuary, designed for you to realize, reclaim and relive this gift of freedom. A space of shared consciousness that brings you back in touch with your innate human-ness and enables you to discover who you truly are.

The Power Within prepares you to go back to the system having discovered your essential self, participate in the play and yet come back to the space you belong to. The center of your existence, your primordial Home. By choice.

This life-enhancing program is meant for leaders, executives, professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs,  teachers and students.  It is conducted over 4-days in a residential format. The Power Within enables you to:

  • Decode your Essential DNA – the blue print of your uniqueness
  • Uncover your essential being and unlock the awesome power of  your essence
  • Awaken your innate humanness to manifest wisdom, wealth and  well-being, in harmony.
  • Create lasting impact to the contexts you belong to by being naturally intent-full, instinctive, innovative, and influential.
  • Adapt and respond to disruptive changes, naturally, to stay relevant.


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  • One-on-one sessions for discovery of personal DNA and road-mapping to destiny (2 x 4 hours sessions)
  • Career crafting for students in class 9 or 10 (2 x 4 hour sessions)