Personal Discovery

Personal Discovery and Career Crafting



The system has bizarre ways of throwing us out of orbits that are not meant for us and showing us ways towards uncovering and leveraging who we are really meant to be. All incidents in life are essentially about this truth. When we begin to look at life as a messenger, we will start realizing the fact that all our so called predicaments are spurring us to find the DNA of who we truly are.


Personal discovery is a tried tested proven way of discovering our Personal DNA, finding our True North and also looking at possible options which can take us there. It happens over a 3 to 4-hour session wherein you would be accompanied and enabled to relive some of the golden moments of the past and share experiences of miraculous accomplishments. From your sharing is uncovered the drivers and the innate talents that you have been carrying all through which made the miracle happen. Through a process of appreciative enquiry you would also be guided to get in touch with a sensing of your life purpose. The drivers (values), talents (life giving forces) and your life purpose is put together in a potential map to help you to cognitively understand what your personal DNA is.


In course of the personal discovery, through a study of your North Node, you also get to understand your innate tendencies, strengths and shortcomings. The discoveries along with related recommendations will help you to find the most suitable and meaningful occupations for yourself which will not only be life affirming but will also help you to create more wealth, wisdom and well-being.


As an option you may also go for a road mapping exercise following the personal discovery to chart your journey to the preferred future based on your DNA. This exercise also takes 3 to 4 hours and entails guided dreaming, creating milestones and charting of development needs.


Both then engagements are done one-on-one, preferably face to face or on Skype.


These personal interventions are a distinct departure from the prevalent practice and mindset of finding jobs based on qualification, experience, knowledge and competencies, which is increasingly proving to be sub-optimal, unsafe and insecure.


If you are at a juncture, looking at redefining and re-carving your life’s journey, not only to be better-off but also more joyful, this is the only way.