“When the pain of being cocooned becomes more than the pain of ripping it open, a butterfly is born.”

Nature takes care of the transformation of all its being except man. For man, is innately gifted with the ability to know and make choices. Know when pain, the messenger of transformation, knocks on the door and make a choice to embrace the call of transformation or avoid it.

If you are going through pain and discomfort in you professional life – a stagnated career, a role which doesn’t fit, an organization that does not recognize your talent or for that matter a role-change or promotion that threatens to dislodge you from your comfort zone – it’s quite likely that you are on the thresh-hold of undertaking a transformational journey.

Similarly, if you are struggling economically, socially, emotionally or in any other way – if you seem to be hitting a dead end no matter what alternative route you take – it’s quite likely that you are ready for transformation.

Transformation from your becoming to you being; from doing what you must to doing what you are meant to; from passive potential to manifesting highest levels of participation and performance.

It’s time for you to reach out for guidance. So that you have someone by your side, with compassion, to help you go through the intensity of the process. And more importantly, someone who does not allow you to go back to your familiar way of doing things – your comfort zone – but, with unflinching commitment, delivers You to you.

Welcome to Indroneil’s practice of Transformational Coaching. A practice, where he wields the magic of human alchemy to unleash a new you through a 12 months of engagement.

Indroneil is a pioneer of Transformational Coaching. He started his practice in 2007 when people would have hardly heard or known about it. Later on, thanks to some seminal work of his, amongst others, in this direction, Transformational Coaching was included and defined in the Complete Handbook of Coaching by Hawkins and Smith as the most advanced form of Executive Coaching in the Spectrum of Coaching.

As a pioneer and one of earliest proponents of Transformational Coaching Indroneil has defined an approach and framework for his practice, depicted as the Hour Glass model. In this practice, Indroneil enables the client to make discoveries and gather insights, in depths as well as in heights, through a process of guided exploration, reflection, assimilation and application with ‘here and now’ data. The exploration happens at four levels:

Hourglass model

  1. Situational (what)
  2. Behavioral (how)
  3. Causal (why) and
  4. Ontological (who)

across two phases, the first dealing with perceptions from the past and the second with innate potentials and the purpose. Indroneil insists upon the client coming with an explicit intent to commit to the engagement which may last anywhere from a year to even more.

The engagement envisages


  • Initial sessions for observations / psychometric analysis, sharing feedback, getting the client ready for the engagement and contracting
  • Weekly sessions totaling up to 6 to 8 hours a month
  • Inter-session assignments, connect and follow-up over Skype / email

The sessions (normally of 2 to 3 hours) involve intense exploration, deep reflection and discovery happening in an environment of shared mindfulness. The ambiance is suitably crafted to catalyze such mindfulness. While face-to-face sessions are most preferred, to suit mutual conveniences, particularly with those who are remotely located, sessions can also be held over Skype. As Transformational Coaching, by its very nature is organic and leads to a re-birthing of sorts, each engagement can span over anywhere between 12 to 18 months.

Click here to listen to a video to know the cardinal rules of Indroneil’s coaching practice