Right from his school days Indroneil has been an outstanding elocutionist and a published writer. In his late teens he picked up instrumental music as a medium of expression. In his early twenties he got a guitar improvised to suit the kind of music he wanted play and called it Indra Veena. And soon thereafter he represented India to participate in the Festival of Music in Switzerland, as musical expressionist.

All through his career spanning sixteen years with corporations like CMC, Thermax, F-ICIM and SAP he took on the role of an evangelist to enable adoption of future technologies by the industry. In his evangelist role he has been a preferred speaker in forums organized by the likes of NASSCOM, CII and DQ. Alongside he had been regularly contributing with insightful articles on technology as a business enabler, in trade and mainline publications. He has also anchored a one week serial – BrandIT – which has been aired on CNBC.

Indroneil, by choice, made his own life an experiential journey drawing from it, with insatiable thirst and passion, inspirations for conscious learning and living. In his quest, Indroneil has been blessed by divine intervention to attain a deep understanding of life and wisdom to enable awakening of humanity and manifestation of divinity in individuals.

As a first generation entrepreneur, Indroneil consciously stepped out of his illustrious professional career while he was at the helm of affairs, in the year 2001, to respond to his calling – awaken and uphold divinity in the human. He created iProdigy with the purpose of accompanying institutions and individuals and enable them realize their true potentials while on their respective journeys of Conscious Evolution. In close to two decades he has touched and transformed lives of about 10,000 individuals working across functions and bands with 50 plus client organizations.

In the year 2002 Indroneil conceptualized and launched this program called The Power Within™ as a unique meditative space for conscious self-encounter, self-integration and self-discovery, for individuals in small and micro groups. Till date more than a thousand individuals have experienced this program and have discovered their power within, to create inside-out realities in their personal and professional contexts.

Indroneil as a public speaker brings about deep, lasting and transformative impact. Notwithstanding the size of the audience, he combines the richness and diversity of his experience with an outstanding gift for spontaneous and authentic expression to cast a mesmeric spell on the audience. He believes that this happens because while speaking he gets completely merged with the message that is meant to be conveyed and is then guided by forces to deliver as an instrument.


What makes Indroneil unique and stand out amongst other public speakers is his uncanny ability to spontaneously deep dive into the cause of any symptom – the mystics underlying the metrics – and present a simple workable approach to understanding and resolving issues at the bottom of the funnel – the root. Download from here a copy of a document on Mystics to metrics – lecture series.


Indroneil also enables aspiring and practicing speakers to become powerful public speaker through his signature program – Hi-Impact Public Speaking (HIPS).