Beyond the limited human minds there lies a well spring of wisdom waiting to be tapped. An intelligence, far more potent than rational and emotional, ready to be harnessed. A space from where one can see the invisible, know the incredible and action the impossible.


Transformational Presencing is an approach by which you can not only experience but entrench yourself in this space. Presencing blends the words “presence” and “sensing” and works through seeing from an expanded consciousness. It is about being present in the moment and sensing this presence and its effects, inside and outside. When this process is integrated with live guidance and coaching it serves as a catalyst for human transformation. Thus Transformational Presencing is presencing combined with suitable guidance, aimed at enabling transformation.

Transformational Presencing sessions integrate music, movement and mediation to create a space where you can, amidst the noisy voices of others that you are carrying in your head, find your own voice. You can, for once sift through the stories of yourself that you believe and call ‘me’ and get in touch with your ‘original face’. These are much more than meditative sessions, aimed at moving you out from the patterns of the past to delve in infinite potential and promise of the moments. With the help of live guidance (which is more responsive and effective than canned guidance) you are led to be a witness, even as you experience yourself at multiple levels. You are led to listen to what was always there but was never heard, see that which in its subtle presence was missed out in your day to day life and understand that which in ordinary situations could have appeared as incomprehensible.


Transformational Presencing sessions are done in groups of 10 or more. It is best packaged as a 3 to7 day retreat in a pristine off-site location. Alternatively, it can be organized as in-house sessions of 60 to 90 min duration, once a week over 24 to 36 weeks, for best results. Transformational Presencing sessions can also be done for individuals – face to face or over Skype.

Transformational Presencing sessions are best suited to leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and anyone who wants to connect with their higher self to enable them to be more ‘informed’ and make their choice/ decision-making process more potent.


Transformational Presencing is a unique offering conceptualized, crafted and facilitated by Indroneil to enable individuals, particularly in corporates, to live a more wholesome life. It is born out of his calling and passion to awaken humanness and manifest divinity in individuals. These sessions are designed by him based on the relentless experiment with different forms and functions of presencing techniques on himself and those in his immediate circle. Most of his transformational spaces – be it public programs or corporate programs – are also strewed with reflective session guided by live music played by him on Indra Veena, which facilitates the transformational journey while creating an ambiance of harmony and wholeness.



Sustained experience of Transformational Presencing has proven to be beneficial in helping individuals and groups to, among others,


Be more alert and perceptive, in the moments Be more responsive and responsible
Find harmony in disorder and calm in chaos Befriend fear and develop faith to rise above
Stop resisting and accept situations as is Manage stress and stressful situations,
See beyond the bend, intercept messages on events to come and develop infallible foresight Move out of perceptions and prejudices of the past to operate from higher potentials
Engage in surrendered action as an instrument of a larger design Influence others with momentary wisdom to delve in co-creation of the future


Write back with the objectives, a description and size of the target audience, the time for which they can be spared for the sessions and preferred location and you shall be reverted to with a program customized to your needs.