Indroneil has been naturally introspective and inquisitive since his childhood. At the age of fourteen, he was guided by his intuition go through intense experiences of presenting. Experimenting with different pathways of deep reflection he intuitively discovered some very simple yet profound techniques which could be applied in day-to-day life. Around the same time, he found himself touched and possessed by the essence of Indian classical music, which he found to another potent medium for presenting. From then, up until now and going forward too he has chosen to live a deeply reflective life. This is accentuated by his practice of music which he plays on Indra Veena – an instrument improvised by him.


True to his calling of upholding the higher self of man, Indroneil, with individuals and in small groups guides sessions for deep reflection, presencing and healing. These sessions are designed by him based on relentless experiment with different forms and functions of presencing techniques on himself and those in his immediate circle. Most of his transformational spaces – be it public programs or corporate programs – are also strewed with reflective session guided by live music played by him on Indra Veena, which facilitates the transformational journey while creating an ambiance of harmony and wholeness.

A unique offering of Indroneil is a 21-day program, wherein, for each consecutive day he guides individuals / groups through an immersive experience of his mudic, played live on Indra Veena.

Those who have gone through this experience have found it not only transformational but also healing, getting them back in touch with their wholesome self.