Indroneil – The Human Alchemist

Acclaimed as a Guru of Change by the Week magazine and a Top Ten Thinker by MTC Global, upheld by his followers as a Human Alchemist and a global pioneer of Transformational Coaching, Indroneil is gifted to heal and enable transformation in human lives.

Enabling transformation has been a central theme of Indroneil’s life, across the three phases of his professional journey:

1. For the first 16 years (1983 – 99) Indroneil brought about a transformation in the lives of individuals and collectives by enabling the adoption of disruptive technologies. In his several client-facing roles with the likes of CMC, Thermax, ICIM and SAP, he evangelized and introduced futuristic technologies, thereby disrupting the ways and lives of businesses and its people and enabling transformation.

2. For the next 16 years (1999 – 2015) Indroneil brought about transformation through his meaningful journey as an international transformational enabler and coach, through thought and practice leading entrepreneurial venture – iProdigy ( – country’s first business-relevant solution provider for talent, leadership and organizational transformation. Touching/transforming lives of more than 10,000 individuals working with close to 60 corporate clients, across functions and responsibility bands.

3. From 2015 has forayed into holistic wellness, returning individuals to being whole by getting healed, through various practices of Human Alchemy. This includes

a. Transformational Life Coaching for business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, both men and women

b. Bach Flower Therapy for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

c. Music-enabled healing through the live presentation of mindful music, of which he is a proponent, for groups and individuals

d. Guided presencing to enable awakening and sustain a state of awareness which helps individuals and groups to dissolve their ‘dis-ease’ and be brought back to a state of ‘ease’,

e. Executive Accompaniment for personal growth, transformation and wellness of CXOs and start-up founders. This is an on-going engagement that blends all of the above with authentic conversations.

An accomplished Applied Behavioural scientist, certified therapist and qualified Indian musician, Indroneil's penchance has been and will continue to be, releasing the ‘little man’ from the clutches of a false, conceptual egoic living condition and make him come face to face with his awesome wholeness.


Humanistic and organic – inside-out, explorative and existential. It may often seem magical due to uncanny ability to trace the metrics down to the depths of the mystics and resolve issues at the source.

If you are:

  • An individual wanting to scale up the ladder but feeling stuck and stagnant
  • A Large Corporation Challenged With Complexity of Scale
  • A Mid-Size Business Grappling with Growing Pains
  • A MSME Feeling too Small & Insignificant
  • A One-Man Show Secretly Nurturing a Giant Dream in your Heart

you need a Human Alchemist to understand you and your business and accompany you in your journey to make things work. You need INDRONEIL!