Indroneil can Help you irrespective of who you are!

  • Specially for those who wish to build a socially relevant enterprise
  • Acclaimed as one of the Ten Gurus of Change by The Week Magazine
  • Recipient of the "Top Ten Thinker" by MTC Global in 2014
  • Indroneil, with his vast experience is the best Mentor you can have for your Start-Up
  • Sessions in groups and one-on-one, across all levels and functions of an organization
  • Inside-Out Leadership Development, awakening the will to lead
  • Lives of close to 10,000 individuals touched & transformed
  • This includes working with self, in depths and heights, through working-labs
  • Lives of close to 7,000 individuals touched & transformed
  • Co-creation of organization charter
  • Alignment of founders and key stakeholders
  • Organization culture building
  • Building conscious enterprise – beyond profit
Working with top talents for discovery of their essential DNA, role design, key results area & coaching for contribution

What can Indroneil do for Me?

Life is a Matter of Choices, & Every Choice You Make Makes You


A unique two day program for self-growth. Retrieve the Master key to unlock your primordial intelligence & awareness to create magical realities.

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The Power Within

The Power Within is a space, a kind of a sanctuary, designed for you to realize, reclaim & relive the gift of freedom. A space of shared consciousness that brings you back

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iEnable is the first of its kind transformational learning program that is designed ground-up to enable executives, entrepreneurs and experts move up the value chain

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Conscious Leadership

Indroneil has re-designed and re-packaged some of the existing leadership development programs to create three offerings that will enable leaders / managers at the entry, middle and top levels transform into Conscious Leaders.

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Transforming lives with Bach flower therapy

Say goodbye to Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fears and Phobias, Grief, Impatience, Lack of self-confidence and self Esteem, Loneliness, Mental exhaustion, PTSD, Relationship issues, Sleeplessness, Stress, Suicidal tendencies, Trauma, among others and transform your life with Transforming lives with Bach flower therapy.

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Transformational Coaching

Are you going through pain, discomfort in you professional life – a stagnated career, a role which doesn’t fit, an organization that does not recognize your talent?

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Transformational Presencing

Presencing blends the words “presence” and “sensing” and works through seeing from an expanded consciousness. It is about being present in the moment!

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Personal Discovery

Personal discovery is a tried, tested and proven way of discovering our personal DNA, finding our true worth, and also looking at possible options which can take us there.

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Transformational Messaging

What makes Indroneil unique and stand out amongst other public speakers is his uncanny ability to spontaneously deep dive into the cause of any symptom & creates a workable solution

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Spectrum of Offerings

Unveil the essence of who you truly are and unleash The Power Within. Discover the anchors of your life define your potential map and design a road map to your destiny. A Transformational Coaching engagement.
Know your innate abilities and talents and choose a profession based on your talents. Convert your talents into strengths, contextual to your profession, to excel with joy. A Transformational Coaching engagement.
Awaken the soul in your creation and bring in an element of magic. Weave a sense of mystery with mastery. Stand out in the crowd. Carve out your way to fame and glory. A Transformational Coaching engagement.
Discover the DNA of your enterprise and align others to this immutable enterprise essence. Attract members, clients and investors. Build resilience to tide through crisis. A Transformational Consulting engagement.
Co-create a unique and purposeful institution that lives and evolves. Discover the shared institutional values. Build a lasting institutional context and culture for growth. A Transformational Consulting engagement.
Define the parameters for business excellence based on what your business essentially stands for. Co-create processes and roles based on the business essence, for success. A Transformational Consulting engagement.
Develop an understanding of humanness and its innate transformational nature and enable its flowering in self and others through the power of presence. A Transformational Coaching engagement in group / one-on-one.

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